Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello : my name is Carl Winbush -( MOSHA ) ; I am a Delivery Driver.

I lost my divers license a month ago because of an expired plate sticker on my car, and no insurance on top of that. I went to traffic court 3/25/2010 , and they hit me with a $250.00 fine. With out my license I can't work for the company I was delivering for. I do have a few things I could sell, like a Shure Vocal Master - PA System that I've had for a long time , and a lot of music CD's . If any one is interested in giving me some assistants , I would be so thankful ; call me
at 773-403-3835. If you would like to send a donation you could send it to 7732 S. Cottage Grove , Chicago Il 60619 carl winbush/bush2win

Please leave your name and contact info, so I can get back with you at a later date.
Nobody but us can save us. Thank you

4/26/2010 Roseland Hospital /8:15am
My rash is out of control, giving my heart beat another off beat. They gave me some "Diphenydramine 25 MG capsules".
Because I don't know that is causing the rash on my body, I have no other choice but to take this drug. If I could get a handle on what is causing this rush, I would not be suffering right now.
There are people out there that know all about my condition, and they don't what to make it public. Why would they ? Then there would be less drugs to push to the public. The only warning they give you about this "Benadril" is that it will make you Drowey...
Reading the info. Possible side effects : Drowsiness ; Sedation;Headache; Dry mouth; Stomach discomfort or pain; Constipation; Nausea; Decreased appetite; Increased appetite. It's 3:00pm and I took one pill. OK so far.

4/28/2010 ; 9:52am
Late night was bad, my head and my heart was in trouble. That Benidrill is dangerous. My body says stop, do not take another pill. My head hurts, and my heart jumped a little.
I am convinced that hospitals are not here to help the poor get better. The poor can not afford to get sick.
You would think that as long as there have been heath care in this world and country, that they would have figured this game of illness, and solution of curing
the sick a long time ago. There is a better way.
There need to be a network of what works, and the why's and why not.

It is 10:45, my good friend Daniel just called my to check up on me. He told me that a long time friend had past away. Sister Mahlayla" the spelling may be wrong. She had the health food store on 71 st. & Jeffrey. She died of cancer.

With the collective minds of the people who want to live life to it's fullest, and not die of illness ; we need to connect with each other now.

4/30/2010 ; 8:18 pm :
It's been a rough day. my eyes feel so heavy. I went out today and tried to sell my old PA system ; I haven't played with it in 20yrs and low and behold it did not work like new. It has half of the power and only half of the six mic holes work.
I couldn't sell it. It's very heavy, and the exercise kicked my tail. It made my throat swell and shorten my breathing. There is a natural solution to my problem I just don't have the money to buy it. I could use a little help please .
Thank you , tomorrow will be better'

5/2/2010 ; 8:12pm :
Feeling much better, I went out side today and cut the grass. I did not get tired at all. I have been taking some liver detox pills that are working on my rash. I pick them up from ; Dr. Lisa Lau ; (Herbalist) 312-808-1186 , 2802 S Wentworth Ave.
Chicago IL 60616.
Now I need to find out what is causing my throat to swell.