Sunday, March 4, 2012

I need your HELP

I am losing my home.
I am the only one living there. .
There is a chance that I can get it back, only if I can come up with the moneys for back taxes.
I need your help , a donation if you are able.
A loan if you would give me a year or within a year to get it back to you..
My social security check will start in July, much to late to help me keep my home.
6/1000 by may 2012 is my goal or end time .

I would like to start a business : a fish farm .

Growing Fish in Greenhouses

This is on YouTube
this is do a ble :) 

This is what I want to do.
With your help
contact me at
I have a PayPal / bush2win account Too.

Anything that you can do will be most appreciated 
thank you

Carl Winbush