Monday, April 23, 2012



Friday, April 20, 2012


April 20, 2012    This is day 11 of just green juice . It hasn't been easy.:-)
                           I decided to go on this diet to fight my health problems.
                           I'm 61 yrs. young , and I'm tried of being sick.  I have a skin rash
                           that just won't quiet. It's been hanging around for a couple of years.
                           Before I started the fast , I was having headaches a lot . They have
                           stop. The rasher feeling of my skin has lessened . My right arm
                           lets me know that is't still there.

                          How long can I do this ?  I don't know .
I have some pictures .

 Right now it isn't as bad as it looks. I'm taking no drugs. This rash is viral and drugs only make it stronger.
The ideal is to build up my own immune system to fight the virus . So it is good things in my diet, to get the bad things out.     If I can make this work, so can everyone else.  So say tuned. I will try to keep posting each day.   4  your health

Sunday, 22 April 2012 

Hello everyone it's 6:00pm  , and I'm still at it with the green juice ....
I made a correction about how many days I've been on my fast.
This is day 13 .
My body is trying to adjust to my diet . I do have to say that I seem to be dreaming more about  food at night .. LOL   :  I' dreamed of putting some food in my mouth last night and  spitting it out because I remember that ; I'm on a fast. The mind is something else.
No headaches .
The rash on my right arm acts up from time to time. If it continues , it's off to China Town to pick up liver detox pills . It works and It's all natural .
If you have watched to video ( The Beautiful Truth) : I'm also doing the coffee enemas,  WOW what fun....
It helps in keeping you clean inside . 
Physical work is very taxing , but the more I work , the better I feel. 
well , until next time ;
here's to your health

Hey! it's Monday 23, 2012

I when shopping for some thing green .   Why does organic foods cost that much more than foods that they do who knows what too. What is wrong with this picture. Poor folks can't afford to eat healthy .  Day 14 :-)
Let me see now 39 cent vs 2.77 ...  Hmmm!  I wonder which one should I choose?
If you have a yard to your home :
I think it's time to start think about a vegetable garden .
You think ?

note :
One good thing about my body is that the aches and stiffness / swelling I had in my left leg and right shoulder is not there today.
I think they would call that arthritis.

next .

APRIL 26 . 2012 - Thursday 8:22 pm .

Today was a better day.
Tuesday was murder. I had no energy the work.
I all most fell out . My left leg / foot was numb and swollen were you bend it.
Wednesday was a little better , but not good.
Skin rash is still there .  Yes ! Today was a great day.
I'm still here. I here that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.  

Howard Morgan, Black Off-Duty Cop Shot 28 Times By White Chicago Officers, Faces Sentencing 

There sending superman to jail . 
I wonder if cleaning up the body with fresh foods can do anything with dirty thinking people.
Is there a cure for that ?
next time , signing out.

Monday April 30 2012
9:21 AM
day 21 of my green juice fast....
I went to work yesterday so I'm kind of tried today.
The rash on my right arm is still active. I have to be sure not to add any hot foods like ginger to my juice.
It makes the rash more active and helps it grow.
My left leg is normal again .
My head feels so,so, but not bad.
? how many more days can I go?
I'll take it day by day.
I'm not trying to break any records .

Thursday May 3, 2012
7:15 pm
tried , day 24.
I fill like it may be time for me to change , but I don't want to just yet.
I'll see how I feel in the morning .
Still juicing .

Monday May 7 , 2012
Well 25 days was my limit for juice only fasting this time.
I'm still juicing but I had to eat something too.
My energy level was just to low.
I was trying to planet some cucumbers and tomatoes in my yard and didn't have the wind to do it.
I had to eat something and I did .
My body thanked me.
I've been kind of depressed too! because I'm losing my home this year.
By the end of the month it will be in someone else's name.

I still have a lot of fasting to do for my heath problems .
The rash is still there.
round two is in the makings.