Wednesday, September 2, 2009


(SIN) a hard habit to break. habit- distinctive costume, as of a religious order 2. a thing done often and, hence, easily; custom, 3. a usual way of doing 4. an addiction, esp. to narcotics. (Webster's) Can a religion, be a sin? There are how many religious beliefs, on this planet? Can they all be right? Steve Wonder said: If you believe in it, and you don't under stand, then you suffer. American Christians have made a religion out of the name of (Jesus Christ). What language did they speak back in the day of his birth. I don't think it was English, do you? So if you were transported back in time, and called him Jesus; would he answer you? I don't think so!
Drugs, cigarette's, foods made with sugar, are things that give you a false since of well-being.

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