Friday, February 19, 2010


FATHERS -Father ; 1.a male parent 2. God. 3. an ancestor 4. an originator, founder, or inventor 5. a Christian priest : used as a title. / from Webster's Dictionary

There is a reality that is, and a reality that could be. All things created require a head and a tail. When the father is missing from ones family ; the children are left to grow up in the reality of the world around them.

I miss my father, he became a missing in action father, and I lost him around the age of five or so. He and my mother could not get along with each other. My father served in the U.S. military and after a dispute in his home town of Tennessee, That US Military uniform he wore, didn't mean a dame thing to those race-ist men of Tennessee. had to flee for his life, and he can to Chicago,Ill. were he met my mother. All praise due to the mother's who are left to raise the children on their own. What did I learn from my father? Well, I learned that I don't like to arguments, or arguing with anybody. I learned not to smoke cigarettes, no matter how cool it looks.(KOOLS)' that was the brand , or was it (VICEROY); it could have been (CHESTERFEILD"S) ; it was a long time a go. I learned not to drink alcoholic beverage for the purpose of getting wasted. And most important, to be sure you let your first wife know, that you want to have a second wife. Not doing so will surely make your life a living hell.

My father was a strong man; to me he was a superman. I mean he could pick me up with one arm, and I could feel the strength of his muscel when I hung from his arm. I soon learned that you can't win , when you fight with your mate. I had an aunt , who lived next door to us. She was Aunt Anna, my favorite Aunt. She and her husband got into a fight . He hit her and she pick up a beer bottle and lade him out cool, and that was the last time I saw here husband.. One night I heard my folks arguing, and and fighting and dishes braking, and when the morning came; I saw my father no more.

I think that is why I was so afraid of women, in a fight , the men would use disappear. They us to say about me ; he's us shy, no I was afraid ; a women is not a thing to be messed with.

The reality that is : We live in a society were we are encouraged to lie, and we lie about everything. A society based on lies, will only produce greater lies.

You know that's so good about the 10 Commandments ; It's this; If you break one , you've broken then all. If cigarettes cause cancer, which is a bad thing, shouldn't that be illegal and unlawful for someone to sell you death. If foods cause cancer, and they do; there should be an understanding of what kinds of food to eat and how to combine them. (the forbidden). We spray are foods with pesticides to kill weeds and bugs, which equals poison food that we consume. We drive vehicles that pollute the air and we are poisoning ourselves, and the air of the planet. Any concept based on lies will not stand the test of time. The problem with America is that it's conception is laced with sinful deeds. The annihilation of the native Indians; over 60 million. African slaves ; over 100 million or more destroyed in the middle passage. Every story has a beginning and a ending. Can you envision how this story "America" will end. Only if you our the head, will this story turn to the right hand of justice. The people of truth. The people of righteousness. The people with the insight not to pollute the lakes and rivers that we have to drink from. Then turn right around and make you pay for something that should be free to the world. I gift from the Creator.

Fathers teach your children righteousness.

Pov.13:1 A wise son hearth his father's instruction ; but a scouner heareth not rebuke. He that spateth his rod hateth his son ; but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes,

Eze. 18:14 Now, lo if he beget a son, that seeth all his father's sins which he hath done, and considereth, and doeth not like,

Pov. 13:14 The Law of the wise is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.

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