Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3/30/2010 - Back to the Hospital.

My second visit to John Stroger Hospital . I got there around 8:45am, I needed to get an opinion about the infection, and swelling in my throat.
Let it be known , I do not like Hospitals . Absolutely the last place that any one should go for help. There solution to a health problem is a DRUG solution.
This is what happened this day.
I all ready had an appointment,9:00am: an it took a couple of hours before I got the call. A young lady who is a ENT; Ear, Nose , and Throat specialist, examined me. She was sick . I mean she had a cold ; runny nose, and working in a hospital.
My throat has been like this for well over a year, and little by little it is getting better. Set backs happen whenever I get stressed-out , not enough sleep or run out of healing food and herbal goodies.
The lady doctor took one of those snake like scope seeing instruments and put it in my nose to look at my throat. OooooHhhhhh OUCH!!!!!!!! !
She didn't see much, a little redness. and then she recommended a drug for some one with reflux (?) That was it. There was no cultures taken, no blood work , nothing put under the microscope. and if the drug doesn't work than it will take 3 months of waiting to get a different drug for the same problem.
I was out of there at 12:15pm. It's a lovely day.
I'm not going out like that. I looking for a non drug solution ..Something Natural. They can not save us. Only we can save us.

4/26/2010 Roseland Hospital /8:15am
My rash is out of control, giving my heart beat another off beat. They gave me some "Diphenydramine 25 MG capsules".
Because I don't know that is causing the rash on my body, I have no other choice but to take this drug. If I could get a handle on what is causing this rush, I would not be suffering right now.
There are people out there that know all about my condition, and they don't what to make it public. Why would they ? Then there would be less drugs to push to the public. The only warning they give you about this "Benadril" is that it will make you Drowey...
Reading the info. Possible side effects : Drowsiness ; Sedation;Headache; Dry mouth; Stomach discomfort or pain; Constipation; Nausea; Decreased appetite; Increased appetite. It's 3:00pm and I took one pill. OK so far.

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