Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Bible <<< Need to know info by Phyllis J. Powers!!!!!

Phyllis J. Powers!!!!!
a lot of people are unaware that the king james bible (KJB) is only 400 years old (1611-2011), not much older than America. A lot of people are shocked to learn that William Shakespeare helped translate the king james version (KJV), and while doing so, hid some “Easter eggs” in the text of Psalm 46. The phenomenon to which he referred was the fact that the 46th word from the beginning of the psalm is the word “shake” (v. 3) and the 46th word from the end of the psalm is the word “spear” (v. 9) When Shakespeare asked could his name go down in history as a contributing translator of the greek bible into the english JKB, his request was rejected and so, at Psalm 46, Shakesspear cleverly wrote his name into the bible. Many, many many people would rise up in total disbelief discovering they have never been told of Shakespear's connection to the bible.

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