Friday, December 11, 2009

In the Beginning.

I have lived on the south side of Chicago, from the beginning. My birth took place at Provident Hospital; June 14 1950. My father was named, Clarence Winbush; mother name is Velva. and my big brother Clarence Jr.
We lived in the projects, some were around 36Th and state street. This is when I can remember my first major Whop-ass. My brother and I was out side playing , and we can upon some paint cans. So we stsrt painting, the ground, the bushes, and you know we got the paint on are clothes , that are mother bought us. so that beating was a rememerable one. I didn't like my mother when she became anger, she could hit pretty hard: all of five ft. or so. My father did not hit us that hard. I can only remember being hit once by him. At that age , my father looked so tall, and strong to me. I remember that he smoked cigarettes, drink allot of beer. Would come home from work , and take off his shoes , and his feet would smell so bad. The smell would make you jump backward.
Daddy Clarence left the family , maybe around the age of five. My Father and Mother were fighting: it was a very scary time.

He left and never can back. Holiday's were never the same, birth day's either. I think that's why I don't look forward to birthdays , and holidays in general.

Ezekiel 18:14 Now, lo, if he beget a son, that seethe all his father's sins which he hath done, and considereth, and doeth not such like,

I don't smoke, drink alcohol, and I've always been with one women at a time. It is the sins of the elders,that plague there off spring. Are children, are dying, because of are sins.

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  1. Carl, guard your heart because out of it comes the issues of life. We all have issues, but we also have a Savior who has given us the authority to break generational curses. Put childhood hurts behind you and enjoy life to the fullist with your children and grandchildren. I DID!