Saturday, December 12, 2009


Not feeling so great today. I did not eat any thing until about 2:00 pm. It's about 5:30 pm now, and my eyes are tried, and my breath is short. I put some eucalyptus oil in the air; now that's much better.
I have a throat infection. I've had it for over a year. Some things it swells, some times it feels like a lump. It will some times feel like a stabbing sensation , that sends me into a panic, because it effects my heart, and it zaps me of my energy.
You might say; call 911, or go to the hospital and get checked out. I've done that to many times, and got very little or no help at all. I have to find a another way. I am a singer, and I wont to keep my voice. I have met two individuals , one male , one female. They had throat surgery, and the surgery did not go well. There has to be another way.

This week I've been on a raw food diet. Fruit in the morning, and vegetables in the evening.
Before I go to bed, I take some colon cleanser. (pills)
With the right tools, you can fix just about any thing.
It's time to brush my teeth , and gargle with some salt water and lemon oil.
If you keep the body clean, you'll be surprise what your body can heal.
Peace..... be unto you.

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  1. For your sore throat, use capsules daily: Bee Propolis, Zinc and Elderberry (but you can use Cranberry too -- I use Craisins in a daily fruit emulsion with peaches and apples, and swallow the capsules).

    You mentioned feeling lump in throat (thymus? thyroid? lymphoma?) -- it helps to know what you're dealing with, as even herbal treatments (though broad) are different, according to the problem, and your particular constitution and medical conditions.

    Hope this helps you feel better; investigate pro bono diagnosis in the hospital clinics. At least you'll know what you're targeting.