Monday, June 28, 2010


I will Praise the creation of the Creator.

SUN , may he shine his light on me to make me glow and grow

I will praise my Mother EARTH

, who from her womb gives life to us all.

I will give praise to the union that brought about WIND

WIND , blessed is the wind that gives me the breath and fans the flames of the SUN in me and Mother EARTH.

I will speak the WORDS of the CREATOR.

no man has authority over common sense or
conscious thought ;
it is your gift to receive it and give it.


that is one bad group, would you agree ?

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A Quote by GODfearinGntiManKING

The problem with there being no GOD is that then man takes his place at that position whatever is in man comes to the surface and eventually since men seek to conquer secretly or openly there will be a group of men being god leading to a man being god.

We cannot often trust our own politicians with the power they have because education does not produce morality nor wisdom.

There were and are evil educated men

Mankind gets his purpose from his DESIGNER AND CREATOR

Without it he is a stray abusing his intelligence in ways animals can't to invent new ways to violate each other and worst spit in GOD's face with the worst and darkest depravity that is in him having rejected a pure image of GOD for a tainted one from a dark imagination within his own heart.

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